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PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (Airplane)

• Flight training includes 45 hours flying single-engine aircraft (Cessna-152)
• Theory in Distans Learning System

Price from: 4 900,00 Euro*

PIC - Price from: 95,00 Euro/hour

• Price is from take-off to the landing.

MEP(L) – Multi Engine Piston (Land)

A candidate applying for a permission to a class multi – engined airplanes single-pilot must have completed at least:
• 7 hours theoretical trainig
• 6 hours practical traning of instructor.

Price from: 1 790,00 Euro*

CPL(A) – Commersial Pilot License (Airplane)

A candidate applying for a permission to a commersial Pilot License (Airplane) must have completed at least:
• 10 hours flying single-engine aircraft (Cessna- 152)
• 5 hours flying multi-engine aircraft

Price from: 1 950,00 Euro*

ATPL(A) – Air Transport Pilot License (Airplane)

A candidate applying for a permission to a Air Transport Pilot License (Airplane) must have completed at least:
• Distanse Learning Courses, but not less than 10 % ( 65 hours ) courses must be completed for consultation
• 65 hour theoretical trainig (4 -5 weekends)

Price from: 690,00 Euro*


Permission to perform VFR night flights is necessary to perform flights at night as well as the condition before beginning training for the IR (A).
The training includes:
• 5 hours of theoretical
• 5:30 hours of training practical

Price from: 550,00 Euro*

FI – Flight Instructor

The aim of the training for Flight Instructor is to prepare pilot-candidate to the level of proficiency fundamental to give flight training for PPL(A) & CPL(A).
Training for the FI(R) includes:
• 125 hours of theoretical training
• 30 hours of training flights (airplane)

The FI(A) rating issued for the first time appears to be limited due to the fact that its holder is expected to accomplish at least 100 hours of practical training and 25 hours of supervision over students.

Price from: 3500,00 Euro*

IR(A) - Instrument Rating (Airplane).

Training for the IR(A)/SEPL includes:
• 35 hours of flight simulator FNTPII
• 5 hours of training flights (Cessna C-152)
• 10 hours of training flights (Piper Arrow PA-28)

Price: 4790,00 Euro*


Training for the IR(A) includes:
• 3 hours of flight simulator FNTPII
• 2 hours of training flights (multiengine aicraft)

Price: 809,00 Euro*



Training for the IR(A) includes:
• 40 hours of flight simulator FNTPII
• 15 hours of training flights (multiengine aicraft)

Price from: 7400,00 Euro*

*- The offer does not contain aerodrome charges. Aerodrome charges:
Mielec - EPML 4 Euro.
Rzeszow - Jasionka 6 Euro.
Different airports charges according to the rates given by the airport.

More information you can get by e-mail: or phone: +48 17 788 63 60

Royal-Star Aero

is one of the oldest private aviation Schools in Poland. We have trained hundreds of pilots currently flying in all airlines based In Poland, a s well as many private pilots who use their licenses for pleasure. We employ an xperienced staff of Instructors, all sharing their lifetime  passion for  Aviation.

We have:

• Modern teaching facilities,
• Well-equipped workshop for repairs,
• Hangar spaces with direct access to the airport.

Our Fleet:

• CESSNA 152
• M-20 MEWA

Training of pilots:

We offer courses for:
• PPL(A) – Private Pilot License (Airplane)
• CPL(A) – Commersial Pilot License (Airplane)
• ATPL(A) – Air Transport Pilot License (Airplane)

Training for the following ratings:

• FI(A) – Flight Instructor (Airplane)
• CRI(SP)M - Class Rating Instructor For Multi Engines Class Aircraft Mep(L)
• IRI(A) – Instrument Raiting Instructor (Airplane)
• IR(A) – Instrument Rating (Airplane)
• MEP(L) – Multi Engine Piston (Land)
• MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation
• IR/ME – instrument rating on multiengineppl(a)  private  pilot license (airplane)

Poland the Royal-Star AERO introduces PPL(A) distance learning!

You do not need to travel hundreds of kilometers to get to the aviation training center and participate in theoretical training. You can join us and study anywhere in the world. All you need is the Internet connection. I does not matter where You are from or how much free time You have. Thanks to distance learning You can join us anytime and make Your dreams come true!

Advantages of distance learning:

It is flexible! You can study whenever and wherever You want!
Reduces the costs of traditional training!
Reduces the costs of travel and accommodation!
Gives opportunity to study at Your own pace!
Increases the efficiency of studying by 24x7 access to study material!
Visit us for consultation only to test your knowledge!

Your stay at the Royal-Star FTO:

Royal-Star team is not only made up of great instructors and specialized technical staff but also employees of the front office. They Are here to facilitate your stay at the FTO. If you need to book a room, rent a car, make a reservation of a plane or an appointment with an instructor, or if you need some advice on where to find a good and cheap restaurant – our team is there at your service, always ready to help you.


Royal-Star Aero cooperates with several hotels situated not more than 3-4 km from the airport. Those places have been chosen not only with respect to their localisation but also because of the comfort, tidiness and reasonable prices they provide.

Car rental:

If you plan to come to us by plane or by rail and you will need a means of transport while You are staying at our centre we will help You rent a car for the time of your stay. Do you need a car? When arranging your training tell us about it and a car will be waiting for you at the Royal-Star's FTO parking lot. Taxi: Would you like to call a taxi? We can call a taxi for you. You will travel with a trusted person who works with the Royal-Star!

Other servises:


Training to mechanics license:
A. A1 - Airplane - turbine engines
A. A2 – Airplane - piston engines
A. A4 – Helicopter - piston engines
B1.B1.2 - Airplane - piston engines.


The maintenance organization manufacture of engine parts and aircraft components: Maintenance and Repair aircrafts Major Engine Repairs and Overhauls Major Propeller Repairs and Overhauls

CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation.

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